Improving Quality of Live Through Design (PDF)


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This report is the result of the Diego Beekman Houses Design Workshop, a program of seminars and fact-finding trips. Local residents worked with Design Trust Fellow Victor Body-Lawson and members of the African-American Architects Round Table to generate a proposal to renovate the Diego Beekman Houses, a 38-building Section 8 apartment complex in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx. 

Ideas, design guidelines and recommendations are presented in three major categories: Open Spaces, Buildings and Services. While each category represents a unique aspect of revitalizing Diego Beekman Houses, together they present a comprehensive and holistic approach to the issues facing Diego Beekman residents.

Learn more about the Diego Beekman Houses project. 


Victor Body-Lawson, Architecture Fellow


Andrea Woodner, (former) Executive Director, Design Trust for Public Space


Design Trust for Public Space
South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation
Tenants United for Better Living


Date: December 1996
Pages: 24
Format: PDF