Hell's Kitchen South (PDF)


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Hell's Kitchen South: Developing Strategies provides a community-based vision for Manhattan's far west side that provides planning for steering new development in the area that will build on the neighborhood's distinct character and include a diverse mix of affordable housing, commercial activity, and accessible open space. 

The publication includes findings from a community planning conference, as well as the results of a subsequent design study carried out by Design Trust fellows. Contents include design studies and planning reports, feedback from public exhibits and symposia, and a discussion of a series of goals: ensure that new development respects varying area scales, increase residential population while assuring a mix of incomes, improve public amenities, and mitigate traffic congestion.

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Michael Conard, Urban Design Fellow
David Smiley, Urban Design Fellow


Karen Hock, (former) Deputy Director, Design Trust for Public Space

Editorial Contributors

Viren Brahmbhatt, Urban Design Fellow
Richard Plunz, Urban Design Fellow



Date: June 2002
Format: PDF file