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Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City

Urban agriculture is booming in New York City, with more than 700 food-producing urban farms and gardens citywide. Five Borough Farm provides the most comprehensive picture of the city's urban agriculture activity to date, recommends initiatives to connect farmers' and gardeners' grassroots efforts to municipal policy, and provides a framework for understanding and measuring how urban agriculture contributes health, social, economic, and ecological benefits to the city. 

Through maps, photographs, information graphics and interviews with more than 100 stakeholders, Five Borough Farm illustrates how New York City's community-based farms and gardens create jobs, educate youth, capture stormwater, decrease the city's waste stream, and create safe public spaces. See more about the Five Borough Farm project. 

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Five Borough Farm II: Growing the Benefits of Urban Agriculture in New York City

Five Borough Farm II looks at ways we can grow the benefits of New York City’s urban agriculture. 

Part how-to guide and part reference, Five Borough Farm II: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City builds on the findings from the first Five Borough Farm publication to equip farmers and gardeners, support organizations, policymakers, and funders with the tools and information to measure, maximize and expand the benefits of urban agriculture. See more about the Five Borough Farm II project.

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From Roof to Table

From Roof to Table features 35 full-color photographs by Rob Stephenson that beautifully capture New York City's urban farms and gardens in all five boroughs. 

The winner of the Design Trust's 2011 Photo Urbanism fellowship, Brooklyn-based photographer Rob Stephenson spent a year visiting over one hundred farms and gardens-from a farm in Staten Island with 10-foot-high stalks of corn to a church rooftop in Manhattan repurposing baby pools to grow fresh food. From Roof to Table: Photographs by Rob Stephenson provides a compelling overview of urban agriculture in NYC and underscores the power of photography to illuminate New York City's diverse public realm.

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