Five Borough Farm II: Growing the Benefits of Urban Agriculture in New York City (PDF)


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Five Borough Farm II looks at ways we can grow the benefits of New York City’s urban agriculture. 

Part how-to guide and part reference, Five Borough Farm II: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City builds on the findings from the first Five Borough Farm publication to equip farmers and gardeners, support organizations, policymakers, and funders with the tools and information to measure, maximize and expand the benefits of urban agriculture. 

See more about the Five Borough Farm II project. 


Lee Altman, Urban Planning Fellow
Liz Barry, Outreach Fellow
Martin Barry, Green Infrastructure Fellow
Christopher Englese, Video Fellow
Kaja Kühl, Urban Planning Fellow
Philip Silva, Outreach Fellow
Barbara Wilks, Green Infrastructure Fellow


    Caroline Bauer, Production & Program Associate, Design Trust for Public Space
    Rosamond Fletcher, Director of Programs, Design Trust for Public Space


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